Setyono Dwi Utomo
UI/UX Designer.

You can call me Setyo. I from Indonesia, and I was born at a small village called Purwokerto. I’m UI/UX designer who falls in love with the visual design and interaction design. In work, I prefer accuracy and pay attention to details. If some unexpected case happens during development, I will sit together with them to discussing how’s the solution we can give.

Here is My Experience

3d Artist

Rolling Glory Studio Bandung

Bandung, May 2016 - July 2016

Internship as a 3d artist to create VR games for children (Rolling Coaster). We do some literature about VR games, children's behavior, and also new tools. After that we discussed about stories, art styles and what messages we will convey from this game. So my task in here become 3d artist. Ya i provided all 3d asset for this game. We use lowpoly art style.

Computer Science

Finished Bachelor Degree

Telkom University, November 2017

UI/UX Designer


Jakarta, January 2018 - July 2018

Jukir is company that run on parking service, their product is Jukir App ( Booking app for User ) and Mitra Jukir App ( Mitra App )

Here I’m working as UI/UX designer. I’m Collaborate with product owner to get specification and requirement about the product, do user research to validate the assumption, do competitor research, crafting a useful user flow, wireframing, create mockup hi-fi. While creating a mockup hi-fi im always discussing with developer to make sure the element can be implemented . After the mockup Ready, i create the clickable mockup and also the interaction for the product.

UI/UX Designer


Malaysia, June 2018 - Now

AVANA is ecommerce enabler company. Avana helping small seller to growing up their bussiness.

Here im building AVANA Seller Mobile App and AVANA Web App. As a UI/UX Designer im collaborating with all stakeholder in AVANA to gather some ideas and the feedback from them. I also doing user research and competitif research to discover more information to make sure the assumption is valid. I really love visual design but while im creating the visual design which is User Interface Design im considering the UX part that we have collected before to make sure the design will working to our user.

My Achievment

Participant Gemastik 8 - Animation 2015

University of Indonesia

3d Artist

3rd Place Police Movie Festival 2017


3d Artist

2nd Place Hackathon UangKita 2019


UI/UX Designer

My Specialist

UI/UX Designer

Here is UI/UX part that I’m doing for my work. User Research, Competitive Research, Userflow, Wireframe, Visual Design, Prototyping, Clickable mockup, Usasbility Test.

Interaction Design

Creating animation for page trasition, microanimation, and create animation for some element.

Icon Design

Creating useful icon that easy to understood by the user.

Illustration Design

Creating a useful illustration that can describe some case, that help user know the case without reading the text.

The Tools

If you have " The Woman behind the Great Man"
So, I have "The Tools behind the Great Visual"✌️

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